A family story

At the end of 1800 Natale Staurino opened his first workshop in Valenza, Italy and started to craft jewelry pieces in this studio.
This path was followed by his nephew, Pietro Staurino, who opened one of the first jewelry workshops in Valenza. Soon thereafter his workshop became a large factory, employing upwards of one hundred craftsmen.
Following WW II Pietro's son, Paolo Staurino, continued the family tradition.  He specialized in fine jewelry making, by spending time in different workshops and learning different techniques from the most talented goldsmiths. After a couple years his younger brother, Luigi also joined him as an expert jewelry designer and skilled goldsmith.
In 1960 Paolo and Luigi founded Staurino Fratelli a jewelry company specializing in handmade fine jewelry.
Their custom pieces were appreciated by many local jewelers and private customers across Italy.


Today, over a hundred years and four generations later, we continue this legacy and shared spirit of experimenting with new techniques and materials; ultimately handcrafting and designing unique works of jewelry with passion and pride every day.

We are proud to include Members of The Royal Family, Celebrities, Jet-setters and worldwide fine jewelry collectors as loyal fans, followers and enthusiastic supporters.